Personal Assistant
Going The Distance

Everything done? How about when you are working late and you don't have
any food to cook for dinner? Ever hosted a party or holiday event and
juggled too many tasks at once? Ever had chores pile up and overwhelm
you while an illness kept you down? What if you are on vacation while an
important package is due to arrive? Is time-management an issue?

Don't stress! V.I.People & Pets can help. Whether you are looking for
someone to help you with those tasks you don't have time for, or that you
simply don't enjoy doing.  I offer the one thing your money could not buy
until now - Time.  You don't have to feel overwhelmed anymore.  You can
enjoy your free time now without being burdened by all there is to do.  
Relax!  Catch up with friends/family, read a book. Imagine the possibilities.

Take care of yourself, I'll take care of the chores. Make your list and I
will do the running for you so you can focus on what is important to you at
work, home or while on vacation.  
Services offered (but are not limited to) -
  • Meet The Service Representative (Cable Guy, Contractors, Movers,
    Landscapers, Maids, Realtors, Furniture Delivery Person, Painters,
    Plumbers, Caterers, Maintenance Person, etc.)
  • Waiting for package delivery
  • Waiting For Car Repair
  • Transportation – Pet pick-up/drop-off to vet/groomer/etc           
    (no aggressive animals please)
  • Mail and/or package pick-up/drop-off
  • Personal Assistant
  • Courier Service
  • Prescription Pick-up
  • Get party/holiday supplies
  • Dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up
  • Prescriptions
  • Grocery shopping Service
  • Post Office/Office Supply Runs
  • Realtor Drive-By Photos
  • Organization
  • Filing
  • Home improvement shopping (some limitations apply)
  • Return unwanted merchandise to local stores
  • Flowers
  • Any errand, common or uncommon, considered
V.I.People & Pets
Jeff Ball, Owner (678) 231-2874
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Pay For Errands Services

  • $14 per half hour from time I leave my location until service
    completes. 10% Discount to Senior Citizens (65+)
  • Holiday charges (Major holidays) – Time and a half              
    (when available)
  • Returned checks - $20 plus bank fees
  • Cancellation Fee: Cancellations made less than 24 hours before
    services are scheduled to begin will be billed for 1 hour of service.
  • Collections - In the event an attorney and/or collection agency is
    needed, all fees related to collect outstanding balances will be due
    for reimbursement.