Pet Care FAQ
When should I use Pet Care services?
Avoid Kenneling or day care - Let's face it, kenneling and day care can be
a hassle. Rounding up the pets and transporting them to and from isn't the
easiest of tasks. Also stress and sickness to your pets are not an uncommon
occurance as a result of kenneling or day care.
Long hours at work, short day trips - Don’t feel stressed or rush home
from a fun-filled day trip. V.I.People & Pets will feed and take care of your   
pets when work or vacation keeps you away from home.  Your pets will feel
loved even when you can’t be there.
Weekend vacations, business trips - Keeping your pets at home and in a
comfortable environment will make for a stress-free vacation or business
trip. I’ll come over and provide love and attention when business or play
keeps you away from home.
Family celebrations/emergencies/sickness/injuries - Are your hands  
full with a newborn baby or are family emergencies keeping you away from
your pets? During times of expected and unexpected happenings,
V.I.People & Pets can help keep your pets happy and healthy while you spend
time with family or recover from illness or injury. Every family has times of
chaos and I can make those times a little less stressful by providing care to
your pets.
Puppies and elders - Does your pet need mid-day care but you can’t make
it home? I’ll take care of your pets by providing necessary mid-day care.
Whether it be letting dogs out for potty breaks, a good brisk walk,
administering medication to elders, or playing with your pets,
V.I.People & Pets will be there to help with their needs.

I offer private on-leash walks, in-home pet visits, in-home overnight sitting,
in-home day care, evening care, pet taxi to the groomer/vet/trainer, house
sitting and more. Special requests? Please let me know!

What’s the difference between pet sitting and boarding
my pets?
Pet sitting provides in-home services. This means that your pets can stay
happy and comfortable at home while you’re away from home. Keeping your
pets on the same routine as when you’re at home will greatly reduce the
stress on your pets. Here are some other differences:
No transporting of your pet(s) - Its more convenient for you. You won't
have to carve time out of your busy schedule to drop off or pick up your
pet(s) from the kennel. V.I.People & Pets comes to your home, reducing the
hassle of crating and hauling your pet(s).
Less risk of sickness - Keeping your pets in your house will keep your
pets in their usual routine, with the sights, sounds and smells to which they
are accustomed, and reducing the risk of stress-related illness. Plus, in-home
care eliminates germs that are passed around in a boarding setting.
Peace of mind - V.I.People & Pets will provide you peace of mind by meeting
you and your pets
before the date of care begins. Getting to know you and
your pets ensures personalized care.
One-on-one time - While at your house, your pets get my full attention.  
I’ll give your pets lots of love and attention while providing all the
necessary cleaning, feeding and theft-deterrent services.
Security - Keeping your pets in your home can provide extra security.
Also, while I'm at your home, I’ll bring in the mail, rotate lights, turn TV and
radios on/off as instructed ... all as a complimentary service! This will make
your home look lived-in while you’re away.
Your pets will be home, waiting at the door to greet you when you

What kind of pets do you care for?
V.I.People & Pets cares for all common household pets. I  love to offer
individualized care for your furry/feathered/finned and scaley family
members, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits,
reptiles, rats, potbellied pigs, and more.
Please contact me if you have a pet not mentioned!
While pet sitting is by far the best choice for most pets, it may not be ideal
for some. Pets with separation anxiety, behavioral issues, or delicate medical
needs may do better in a kennel or veterinary facility.

Why shouldn't I have my neighbor’s child or
friend/family member watch my pet(s)?
In most cases, you get what you pay for. You won't have to inconvenience
family or friends. While they may mean well, and intend to give excellent
care, sometimes they may fall short of your expectations. Isn't it worth a
little more to ensure your pets and home are in safe hands and that if
something goes wrong, the pet sitter is fully covered? When you hire a
professional pet sitter, it creates a business relationship with clear
expectations for you and your pet sitter. I become quite fond of any pet I
care for and will give them excellent care!
Its my profession to provide loving care to pets and homes.

Are you certifed? Bonded? Insured?
yes, insured and bonded through NAPPS National Assoc. of Professional Pet
. What it means to you, and all of my clients, is peace of mind.
V.I.People & Pets takes responsibility for your pets and possessions when you
put them in my care. That means that your property and your pets are fully
covered, should anything occur while in my care. Having these policies in place
shows a level of professionalism and commitment that you can trust.

What is the purpose of the In-Home Consultation?
The in-home consultation gives you the opportunity to meet me, your new
sitter, and communicate any information necessary so I may provide the best
care for your pets. This will give me time to meet you and your pets, learn
their normal daily routines and understand the individualized care necessary
for your family. All the necessary forms will be emailed to you prior to our
consultation. To maximize our time during our visit, please fill out the forms
before I arrive so that we can spend all our time getting to know your pets.
If email is not an option, no problem!

How are my keys handled?  
An arrangement will be decided upon during our consultation. I can hold your
key for an indefinite period of time in a secured lockbox or I can leave the
key after each final visit in a location to be determined.

Your Home page indicates you don’t service my area,
but I know you provide service just a few miles away.
Will you service my area?
Depending on several variables, I may be able to service you. Please give me a
call or send an email to see if I can help you.

How do we get started?
Your pet wants you to contact me via this website,
email or call (678) 231-2874 to set up a
V.I.People & Pets
Jeff Ball, Owner (678) 231-2874
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Frequently Asked Questions