Pet Sitting /
Rates & Pricing
Pet Care Services Offered
Lots of personal attention and love.
Fresh food and water.
Regular exercise and play time - indoors and/or outdoors.
Walks and potty breaks - daily or several times throughout the day
as requested.
Administration of medications as needed.
Litter changing and cage cleaning.
Clean up pet accidents.
Bring trash cans in and out for collection.
Veterinary care in case of illness.
Belly Rubs? Yeah, I do that!
Additional attention your pet may require.

Home/Crime-Deterrent Services
In addition to caring for your pet, I’m delighted to provide these
complimentary home services to make your time away from home as  
worry-free as possible:     
Newspaper and mail retrieval.
Plant watering.
Lights/blinds/curtains/T.V./radio adjustment.
Other requests considered.

I can provide transportation for your pet to and from the
veterinarian or groomer.
$14 per half hour

Pet Sitting - $18 per 30 minute visit. For your pets’ health and
safety, daily visits are recommended. For dogs, multiple visits are a
must, with 3 visits being the most comfortable option for your
furry family member (approximately every 8 hours).
Additional pets at same visit - $2 per additional pet.
Initial Consultation - I drive to your home to get acquainted, learn
your pet's routine and finalize paperwork.
The Pit Stop (Dog-Walking Service) - $19 per 20-30 minute
visit paid weekly in advance.
I'll recharge their "batteries" while you're at work or away and let
them empty out their "tanks" so you don't need to worry! Some   
dogs just don't need or want a walking excursion, but they do need
that required potty break during the day to relieve themselves.   
This is a real favorite service for puppies and senior dogs!  
Extended visit - $6 per 15 minute interval.
Overnight stay - $69 includes evening and morning
exercise/feeding (the equivalent of 2 pet sit visits, plus any
additional outings throughout the evening).
$2 per additional pet
Medicine - Price per visit - $1 for pilling. $2 for injection.

Other Fees/Services
Key Copies - $10 plus cost of keys.
Key Charge
- $15 Key pick-up/drop-off (if not done during initial
consultation and last scheduled visit)
Holiday charges - (Major holidays) additional $9 per visit
Additional Expenses Related to Pet Care - Purchasing extra
food/supplies will equal the
cost of food/supplies plus
$14 per half hour.
Locksmith call - $45 plus locksmith fees.
Emergency Veterinarian Visit/Transportation - $14 per half hour
starting at time of pick-up until time of drop-off to your home plus
veterinary costs.
Cancellation Fee - Cancellations made less than 24 hours before
services are scheduled to begin will be billed a
$20 surcharge
Pit Stop Cancellation - Call by 9a.m. that day to avoid being
charged for that day.
Return Home Early - You will be billed half-charge for the
remaining time pet sitting was scheduled. You will be billed full-
charge for 24hr/overnight stays, as I block off my schedule and
turn down additional jobs during your engagement.
Returned checks - $20 plus bank fees.
Collections - In the event an attorney and/or collection agency is
needed, all fees related to collect outstanding balances will be
due for reimbursement.
Incidentals - Reasonable fees to be determined…
Pet Portraits Photo Service!
I have all the tools necessary to take professional-grade,
memorable photos of your pets!

Canon PowerShot S5IS Digital Camera
Canon Pixma Bubblejet Photo Printer
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Image Editing Software

For $25, I will gladly take many, many wonderful photos of your
pets and choose around 15-20 of the best shots to be archived on
CD disc for you. Some 4x6 prints will be printed and 2 8x10
blowups will also be included. I do a mixture of color and black &
Just another added touch I offer that few others can or will.
For an extra
$8 I will guarantee at least 20 great pictures, all of
which will be printed on 4x6 glossy photo paper, 2 8x10's and a
CD-ROM with all the pictures taken of your pets!
How do we get started?
Your pet wants you to contact me via this website,
email or call (678) 231-2874 to set up a
consultation. This will give me time to meet you and your pets and understand
the individualized care necessary for your family. All the necessary forms
will be emailed to you prior to our consultation. If email is not an option, no
problem! To maximize our time during our visit, please fill out the forms
before I arrive so that we can spend the most time getting to know your
pets. We will cover all the bases - feeding schedule, where all of your
supplies are kept,
which rooms in the house are available to your pets and
which doors should remain closed, housekey arrangement, etc, etc.
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V.I.People & Pets
Jeff Ball, Owner (678) 231-2874
Kennesaw, GA 30144