Pet Sitting /
Dog Walking

Because of today's mounting stresses, pets are now more than ever an
important part of our lives. V.I.People & Pets is here to help you keep
your pets happy and healthy. I offer a great way to care for your pets
while you are at work, away from home on business or pleasure, sick,
recovering from an injury or otherwise incapacitated, or just need the
day off.

I realize that pet owners should not have to impose on friends and family
to check in on pets while out of town. Nor should they feel their only
option is a kennel. Cats are especially stressed by forced removal from
their familiar home territory and they dislike changes in their routine.  
With an in-home pet sitter, the owner is guaranteed their pets are
following their usual routines as well as receiving individual attention.
Let's face it, we're all happiest sleeping in our own bed!

Now, listen closely and tune into your pet! Your pet is trying to tell you
she doesn't want to be caged up in a loud, concrete environment where
sickness looms and stress/anxiety awaits. And that she needs all the love
and attention we all know she craves. In exchange for the unconditional
love your pet provides, you owe it to her to hire a pet sitter; Someone
capable to get the job done above and beyond your expectations by
unconditionally loving and caring for your pets while you cannot.

My Pledge To You...
Because I know how much you care about your pets, I promise to always
take care of them with kindness and compassionate attention. I promise
to offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I will
always take care of your beloved companions as if they were my own.

So, whether you're away on vacation or on business or just working long
hours, you can be assured that V.I.People & Pets will provide professional
and loving care and companionship for your pets.

RELAX! HAVE FUN...and DON'T WORRY!!! Your pets are in good
hands...I PROMISE!

Insured & Bonded through
Nothing But The Best For You & Your Pets
V.I.People & Pets
Jeff Ball, Owner (678) 231-2874
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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"Thank you for taking care
of the boys for us.  The
pictures are amazing!  We
are kind of jealous because
they are better than any
we have been able to take!
Thank you again for making
our vacations worry-free"

Alicia M.
How do we get started?
Your pet wants you to contact me via this website,
email or call (678) 231-2874 to set up a
consultation. This will give me time to meet you and your pets and understand
the individualized care necessary for your family. All the necessary forms
will be emailed to you prior to our consultation. To maximize our time during
our visit, please fill out the forms before I arrive so that we can spend the
most time getting to know your pets. We will cover all the bases - feeding
schedule, where all of your supplies are kept,
which rooms in the house are
available to your pets and which doors should remain closed, housekey
arrangement, etc, etc.
If you reside in or near Cobb County, Georgia; Kennesaw,
Marietta, Acworth, Woodstock
or surrounding areas, then V.I.People & Pets can help...

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