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Personal Fitness
"I can't thank you enough
for all you've done for me
the past 14 months. I am
healthier now than I have
been in a long, long time.
Thank you for your
guidance and

Jodi M.
V.I.People & Pets
Jeff Ball, Owner (678) 231-2874
Kennesaw, GA 30144
You don't have to be a seasoned athlete or bodybuilder to enjoy the life
changing benefits of a personal trainer. V.I.People & Pets helps people
of all fitness levels and abilities tone up, trim down, and improve their
health and/or sport-specific performance. When we are healthy and in
shape, We feel better (physically and mentally) about ourselves, we look
and feel younger, we avoid injuries and pains and we live longer!

Whether you are overweight, looking to get in the best shape of your
life, looking to improve your tennis or golf game, wanting to show off that
body at the beach, or whatever; I can help!

In this day and age many of us make little time (or none at all) for
maintaining our health.  It would be very convenient if achieving greater
health and fitness happened overnight. Unfortunately not overnight, but
I can help you get much, much closer to "overnight" with my expertise
and knowledge.
Let me show you how to eliminate the frustration and
pain in your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Training in-home affords you the luxury of using your own equipment or
private community fitness center, should you have it. But did you know
you don't even need your own equipment -
I can bring the gym to you.
And even if you do have equipment, or plan on getting workout equipment
(from dumbbells to machines), I can show you how to properly use it...and
by "it" I mean both the equipment and your actual body manipulating said
"dumbbells to machines". If you want to feel good in your body and
about yourself, I am certain I can help you.

Think of a personal trainer as your own private coach whose goal is to
get you where you want and need to be. I am patient, professional and
knowledgeable. I am on your side. I will help you set reasonable and
tangible training and nutritional goals and assemble a specific plan to
reach those goals. Having V.I.People & Pets come to your home, at your
convenience, saves you the valuable time you spend driving to the gym.
If you have children, child care issues can be handled more easily or you
can avoid having to make arrangements at all by scheduling your session
during your child's afternoon nap. You can select your own workout
music or work out with no music at all in the peace and quiet of your own
home. You won’t be distracted by others, nor will you be self-conscious
or embarrassed during your workout.

Benefits Of In-Home Personal Training
  • You Don't Have To Fight Traffic, I Come To You!
  • You Don't Have To Workout In a Crowded Gym! I Bring The
 GymTo You!
  • You Don't Have To Worry About Babysitting, If You Have Kids!
  • You Have More Accountability!  And That Means Greater Results!

It doesn't get any easier to get back into shape!

I look forward to guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle!
What are you weighting for?
" Jeff has helped me
transform my life.  He
has shown me how I can
eat right and enjoy it,
exercise and have fun and
most of all that having a
positive attitude can be
the first step to a happier
and healthier life."

Ellen B.
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