Personal Training
Rates / Pricing
1x per week - With this program, we train just once per week. It's a
great way to jump start your fitness and have you on your way to a new you.

2x per week - Two sessions a week will not only get you started and up
to speed quicker, but you'll also see better results and faster!

3x per week - This program is intended for people who are serious
about achieving their fitness goals and wanted to be there yesterday.
Three weekly sessions with me will deliver the best results in the
shortest amount of time, You'll also learn far more with this program and
be more likely to maintain your fitness level on your own afterwards.

One-on-One In-Home Training - Get personalized attention!
60 Minute intervals:
  • Single sessions    $49
  • Twice per week  $90   ($45 per session)
  • 3x per week       $129  ($43 per session pre-paid)
  • 20 sessions         $849 ($42.45 per session! pre-paid + HALF-OFF
                               Comprehensive Fitness Assessment!)

The Buddy System - Work with a buddy or significant other and save!
60 minute intervals:
  • $64 ($32 per person per session) for 2 on 1 training
  • $75 ($25 per person per session) for 3 on 1 training

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment -
Not a must, but HIGHLY recommended. This is where the
individualization begins and the cookie-cutting ends! Analysis includes
body fat, circumference measurements, gait analysis, Rockport Walk Test
(if you have a treadmill), flexibility test, proprioceptive analysis, core and
strength analysis.
Factors to be determined include body fat percentage, body mass index,
basal metabolic rate (daily caloric requirements), blood pressure, resting
heart rate, target heart rate zones. I will determine which muscle groups
are weak and which are tight. Then, a corrective exercise program will be
designed to specifically target these problem areas to correct muscular
imbalances and postural distortions.

A complete report will be typed up for you to keep. Approximately every
3 months you will be reassessed and you can track your progress against
earlier reports!

  • One-time fee of $160 for 2 hour session and full analysis report

Other Fees
  • Returned checks - $20 plus bank fees
  • Cancellation Fee: Cancellations made less than 8 hours before
    services are scheduled to begin will be billed for session. A
  maximum allowance of two excused cancellations due to emergency
  or sudden illness.
  • Collections - In the event an attorney and/or collection agency is
    needed, all fees related to collect outstanding balances will be due
    for reimbursement.
Personal Training Services Offered
V.I.People & Pets
Jeff Ball, Owner (678) 231-2874
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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